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Making hope knapsacks with glittered spoons! Just listed them in my etsy shop. #etsy #spoonies #spoonie #hope #knapsack #survivor #cute

Finally got around to posting my hope knapsacks.

I saw this idea on the internet and wanted to add a little spin to it. It is a cute little gift to give to someone who is having a rough time or a bad day. It will be sure to make anyone smile.

Sometimes it is hard to keep hope alive. With this bag, it is easier to have hope and know that someone cares about you and not to give up.

Each Organza Bag contains:
An ERASER to fix all your small mistakes
A PAPER CLIP to hold everything together
A RUBBER BAND to help you stretch beyond your limits
A FEATHER to help lighten your load.
A CANDLE to help light your way
some other items
and a scroll to list all the items.

I also can add a glittered spoon for 1 dollar . We all need a extra spoon in our lives. Have you read the spoon theory?

I can ship to another countries, just tell me where and I’ll work out the shipping costs.

I saw this tip on tumblr about wrapping tablets in Foot Roll-ups.

I have a swallowing problem so when I try to swallow tablets, they end up dissolving( which is really nasty)

When I saw the size of my new NSAID, I knew I had to try this tip.

SUCCESS! The only downside is once it is in my mouth, I want to chew on it. Which I don’t think will very pleasant.

Whoever came up with this tip, thank you. or if you know the original post, please tell me so I can link it to this.

what do you do when you have to cater to mental health AND physical health?

I can’t stay in bed all day like my body wants because my MIND will kill me but I can’t stay outside all day because my BODY will kill me.

Spooniestrong Selfie Saturday-
I’ve been having a tough week with PTSD. Everything is triggering me. I feel like I’m back in 2004 when the doctors almost killed me.

My mom wanted to take me out. I took a migraine pill, muscle relaxant, and a pain pill and went apple picking.

Not really picking, just for show, it was too hot to pick apples.

I went inside and picked apples from the baskets.

I’m in love with my curly, blue hair! Time to throw away the flat irons.

She hasn’t been well, since the day that she fell
And the bruise it just won’t go away

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I fell in May and I still have the bruise. Its freaking me out. I keep getting my blood tested but everything seems normal, no one can figure out what’s wrong with me.

Is it a relapse? Last time they figured it out, was almost too late and the cancer was 95% of my body. I don’t want that to happen again. I need help but no one is helping me.


This storm you are facing will come to an end soon.

Keep your head up and remember to LAUGH and SMILE today! :)

(via expeditionhappiness)

#campokizu 2007 #tbt I miss camp, where everyone understood each other.