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Tea fixes everything. #tea

I wrote a thing but my phone died and lost it.

I was talking about my ultrasound technician and how much I liked him.

He made me laugh, he showed me how when I didn’t understand his instructions, and he knew about ferrets from Along Came Polly.

We talked about California and ferrets.

I told him that he was nice . He replied that he figured people didn’t want to be at the hospital so he should be extra nice. Everyone should be nice when you come to the hospital. When I said no, he said then you should call them out on it.

As we were leaving he told me to take care of my ferrets and to keep my ferrets away from Arnold Schwarzenegger so they don’t bite him.

Water never sounded so good until you can’t have any.

(via inspo-motivate)

Wake up dying of thirst but NPO.

it may look good but how does it taste? Hospital food is one of the reason why I began to cook.

Do you love sending cards and making people happy?

This is my go to for sending cards. They are unique cards that you can’t buy in stores. I like it because you can make the card and program it to send whenever. I like to make cards in advance so I never forget someone’s birthday and set it to send on the special date.

They are physical cards with a unique touch and they arrive right on time.

Tilly is starting to grow her winter coat. I love fluffy ferrets in winter!

Playing around with #modiface online. I prefer a more natural look but I was #bored. They have an app too but online has more options.

#tbt to 2012 when I was healthier and walked 9 miles a week. #throwbackthursday

goodnight…if only I could turn my mind off